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Water Main and Water Line Services

Keep your Water Main performing in top condition

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We are Main Water Line Services Experts.

When you need any service regarding your Water Main, you came to the right place. We are the Lower Mainland's resident expert water main specialists. 

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Do You Have water soaked Areas On Your Property?

If this is a problem you seem to be experiencing, You might have a damaged Main Water Line. B. Johnston Plumbing Ltd can help. All the water that enters your home comes from somewhere. That somewhere is from the city water lines. From the curb to your home is where Water Line Services come into play. When a problem happens and you end up with a soaked lawn, give us a holler and we will get out there and help you out.

Contact Us For Water Main Service

Click below or call us today to get your water main inspected and repaired. We are always happy to come out and have a look at your system and come up with the solutions you need to keep your water systems working like new.

Get your water lines repaired by us, You'll Be Relieved You Did!


What Are Water Services?


Water Services fall under the category of the pipe system that brings water into your home. The water lines inside your home are somewhat different from those that reside between the curb and your house. Not to mention they are somewhat more difficult to get to.


We specialize in the Inspection, Servicing, Repair, and Replacement (if needed) of these water lines and systems.


Our technicians use various methods to determine where a problem in your water line is. For example, we may discover a line break by performing a visual inspection of suspected problem areas on your property. This generally entails searching for symptoms like:


  • Spongy area’s in your yard

  • Water filled areas of your lawn

  • And sometimes you might constantly hear water running

Once a problem is identified, our professional will consult with you on exactly what issues were found, and the next recommended steps to take to fix the problem. You can rest assured we have decades of experience dealing with this sort of issue. We will get your water “up and running” fast and professionally.

How Do Water Lines get Damaged?


Water lines are susceptible to damage from tree roots, mineral buildup, high water pressure, freezing and thawing, and general deterioration. When one or more of these issues impacts your water line, you can experience a range of problems, including low water pressure and discoloration. Ignoring warning signs can lead to worse plumbing emergencies later on.

While some pipes can simply be repaired, root damage, breaks, cracks, and other problems may need a complete overhaul of the line.


Our licensed plumbing experts can help provide a professional opinion on what is best for your home. then we can come up with the proper plan to fix the problem fast and within your budget.

The Next Step


The location of water line pipes is underneath the ground, so when we carry out new installations, we do have to dig. We get the job done as quickly as possible, and to the highest standard while also making sure we don’t leave behind a mess.


If you suspect a waterline problem, give us a call or contact us through our website to have an inspection performed. We get it, the grief of worrying that a problem exists can be stressful. Let us take the burden off your hands and get it fixed so you can get back to feeling great about your home again.

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Brad goes out of his way to make sure his customers are very happy. He provides timely services and I will recommend him to anyone looking for fast and reliable services

Contact Us for Water Main Services

When you need a plumber to install or repair your Water Main system, feel free to Call Us or click below to send us a message to set a time to inspect and repair your Water Main system. We are always ready to provide the best plumbing services in the Lower Mainland.

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