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Sewer Drain Services

When You Need Expert Sewer Line Service, We Are Your Local Experts

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Expert Sewer Line Repair And Installation

Need a Sewer Line Repair? Have a broken or clogged sewer line? We are Sewer Drain Services specialists in your area.


These systems are out of sight and out of mind until there is a problem with them. It is such an important system of our homes, but let's face it, we never give it all a second thought. Even when we use them. From being king of the throne to having a nice hot shower, we never think about where all that greywater goes once it’s flushed or drains out of the tub. And normally we don’t want to either. But problems like a broken Sanitary Drain can cause all sorts of terrible problems.


We hope you never have to experience them, but if you do, contact us via phone or email and we will get it fixed for you fast.

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Contact Us For Sewer Repair Or Installation

When you are in need of an expert plumber to deal with sewer line problems, contact us right away. The cost of doing nothing is far greater than acting quickly when sewer issues arise. When you need fast service click below or Call Us to make an appointment.

We Provide Expert Sewer Service In:

Expert Sewer Line Services in Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Anmore, Port Moody, New Westminster


Sewer Lines - What are they?


Sewer lines are the pipes that run from your house to the city sewer or a septic tank. They may need attention periodically. Otherwise, clogs and other issues can lead to serious sewer line repair or replacement.


Clogs in sewer lines may occur naturally, but the only way to know for sure if your main sewer line requires unclogging is to consult a professional. The technicians at B. Johnston Plumbing have performed this service countless times and know how to get any problems with your sewer lines solved quickly and professionally. Depending on the state of your sewer line, you may need routine inspections once every few years.



What To Expect And How To Prepare for Sewer Line Service


The first step in the sewer line repair process is always diagnosis. Your plumber will run a camera through your pipes and mark the location of your pipes on the surface with spray paint. Utility lines, sprinklers, and other below-ground obstacles will also be marked. It's important to tell your plumber about any utility lines on your property.


You will need neighbors to sign a permission form if your pipes run under their property, and usually, you'll need a permit from the city to start work.

Sewer line repair may be quite loud. Despite our best efforts to reduce the noise level, you may want to reschedule bridge or poker night until after the work is done.


Keep in mind that during the repairs some services may be interrupted. Most important for the relief of our plumbers, avoid dumping anything into toilets or drains while crews are working on your lines.

What Are The Warning Signs Of A Damaged Sewer Line?​

  • Frequent backups in your drains, despite your best efforts to clean them

  • Multiple fixtures are clogged at the same time

  • Soggy patch of grass when it hasn’t rained or snowed recently

  • An indentation on your lawn

  • A constant smell of sewage


What Causes Clogs?


Sewer line clogs are caused by a variety of factors. Tree roots are especially bad for your pipes, and they can be difficult to deal with. The picture above illustrates how roots can break through your sewer line over time.


Oils and fats flushed down the pipes will also build up over time. Never drain grease into your sink. It is always better to wipe down pans and greasy dishes with paper towels before doing dishes if you routinely cook with oil. Especially bacon grease.

Other causes include:

  • broken tiles

  • bad mortar connections

  • inline traps

  • negative grade sloping

  • pipe sagging

  • offset joints

  • pipe cracks

  • sludge buildup

  • and more…


Video Sewer Line inspection

A video camera designed for pipe inspection is one of the most useful tools in a plumber’s arsenal. If there’s an issue with your drains or your plumbing that isn’t clear on the surface, a camera inspection can provide the intelligence needed to fix it.


Whether the issue lies just out of sight or deep down in the drain pipes below your home, a video camera inspection can be the most efficient way to identify the problem. Trust in the experts at B Johnston Plumbing Ltd to carry out the camera inspection with the skills and professionalism required of the technology.


My wife and I had such a great experience with B. Johnston Plumbing that i had to write about it , one call told me this was the right guy for the job ! Very good at what he does ! And Friendly too ! Fixed our plumbing immediately, and expertly I must say ! Top notch service with a friendly smile., this is the way tradesmen should be ! Took very good care of everything and a very reasonable bill at the end of it all. So happy with his service , I would absolutely recommend B.Johnston plumbing for everything plumbing !!

Contact Us For Sewer Drain Services

Need sewer line repair or a new sewer line installation? Contact B Johnston Plumbing to get the job done right and on budget! Either give us a call or click below to get an estimate on sewer line services.

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Get Your Sewer Systems Running Today, You'll Be Relieved You Did!

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