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Leaky Pipe And Drainage Repair

Leaking pipe? Contact us to get that fixed today!

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Leaky Pipes, Water Line Or Drain Repairs Needed In Your Home?

Pipe leak or leaky drain in your home? Or if you need complete Repiping, then read on…

When it comes to the pipes and drains in our homes, we never stop to think about where all this water is coming from or going to. We expect it to all just work, Right? 99% of the time it does.


But in that 1% of the time when something goes wrong like a leaking drain pipe, or worse, a flooding busted pipe, we need professional help. FAST! If you are experiencing a leak, hurry to your main water shut-off valve and get the water stopped. Then get us on the phone or contact us and get us there to fix that leak.

You will get a fast and professional repair service done in a timely manner with as little disruption to your daily routine as possible. We pride ourselves not only on the expert work we provide to you but also on being honest and friendly on every visit. And It Shows in our work and enthusiastic attitude.

Get that leak repaired today, You'll be relieved you did!

Contact Us Today To Get Drain Or Pipe Leak Repair

When you got a leak, we can handle the repairs fast and within budget! Click below or just CALL NOW to have us stop by and take care of your leaky pipes!

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Where We Do Pipe Repair

B Johnston Plumbing does professional drain and pipe repair in: Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge, Anmore, Port Moody, New Westminster


Why Pipe Leaks and Drain Leaks Happen



Pipes and drains can become leaky over time due to age. Especially Poly B pipes. Some insurance companies won’t insure you for water damage if you still have these in your home. In this case, we can swap out the old with new copper or Pex Pipe.


Pipes and drains corrode for several reasons. Hard, mineral-rich water scrapes away at the inside of pipes harder than softer water. The acidic chemicals in many drain cleaners eat away at your pipes over time. We always recommend you avoid these products. Also when pipes are improperly fitted together, metals with opposing charges can wear each other down causing corrosion.

The longer you let your pipes corrode, the worse the problem gets. There is no reliable way to fix corroded pipes. If your pipes corrode, you should have them replaced right away. Our professionals can also help you determine the cause of the corrosion and make sure it doesn’t happen again.


Grease and hair build up inside pipes and drains over time. Small objects often get lodged inside pipes after someone accidentally flushes them down a drain. Corrosion on the inside of pipes restricts water movement over time and leads to clogs.

No matter how they happen, clogs are one of the most common causes of leaking pipes and drains. They cause back-ups, which drive up the pressure in your pipes and lead to leaks. We can open up the pipes, remove clogs, and get everything back in proper working order.

Leak Detection and Repair


Leak Detection and Repair without Destroying your home

When you need a leak repaired, and you don’t want to destroy your walls, ceilings, and floors in the process, you call B Johnston Plumbing.

For many years, B Johnston Plumbing has been the trusted plumber near you to detect leaks and fix them. Many of our testimonials and reviews are from appreciative customers who used other plumbing services that failed to find the leak’s real source. After that, they called us and they never called anyone else again.

We use various methods to find those pipe leaks that other companies miss. We have over 20 years of experience in locating and repairing tough to get to drain and pipe leaks. When you need pipe repair, think B Johnston Plumbing.

Pipe Repairs

Most residents will eventually need a pipe repair. You might notice a leaky pipe, burst and frozen pipe, bellied pipe, or something else altogether.


When you need a pipe repair, it’s essential to take care of it fast. Even if the situation doesn’t seem immediately dire, it will only get worse. And, at some point, it will become an emergency.

It’s important to know what you’re doing when taking on the task of pipe repairs.


Your plumbing system deals with water, and an incorrect repair can lead to more leaking, flooding, and water damage.

Most of the time leaky pipes need a repair and a replacement of a section of bad pipe. Other times if the pipes are just too old and we know that you are going to continue to need leak repairs, we may recommend a complete repiping of the system, which may be needed to ensure that there are no problems in the foreseeable future. This saves money and time as we can do the whole job at once.


When you need professional help, call B. Johnston Plumbing. We have been the Plumber in The Lower Mainland you can trust for many years for professional pipe leak repair!

Water Line or Drain Replacement


In some cases like mentioned above, some pipes and drains just can’t be fixed and replacement is needed. Also, some pipes and drains just don’t meet today’s building code standards and any damage caused by sub-par materials (such as Poly B water lines) are not covered under many insurance company policies.


In either case, you would need to replace your water line system in your home. If this is the job you need to be done, you came to the right place. B. Johnston Plumbing Ltd has very competitive pricing and can get the job done right.

How Do You Know If You Need a Drain Replacement?


Sometimes when multiple drains in your home become clogged it means immediate action needs to be taken to fix it. It can become dangerous to your health. It’s likely that waste may be backed up in your bathtub or shower. This can result in a bad smell coming out of the drains. It might mean that your sewer drain needs someone to look at it. Here at B Johnston Plumbing, we have the right tools on our trucks to do this job for you.


If you are unsure if you need a drain repair or drain replacement, just ask us, we will give our honest assessment of the situation and offer you the best choices to fit your needs and budget.


We are Repiping experts in your area. Whenever you need repiping done for your home, give B. Johnston Plumbing a call or contact us and have us come by and do an inspection of your water line and drainage systems. From there we will find the best solutions to fit your needs and budget. We are always happy to be of service.

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The Hazards of Leaky Pipes And Drains


Sometimes leaky pipes are considered only a small problem that can be ignored until further damage warrants a larger job. What many fail to realize, however, is that leaky pipes can cause much greater problems.

1) Mold is a big one.

Whether a leak is visible or hidden within the walls of your home, it can promote the growth of molds and other fungi. These growths spread and produce spores. Even if you’re not allergic to molds, they are dangerous to your health. Plus it just looks terrible.

2) Structural Damage to your home.

Though water is extremely useful, if it is left to leak or flow freely outside of your home’s plumbing systems, it can cause serious structural damage to your property. Leaks can warp walls and floorboards, and even cause dangerous damage to electrical systems if it is leaking near them.

3) Water Bills.

The wasted water will affect your monthly water bill. Depending on the size and rate of your leak, you could be wasting 10% or more of your water expenses.

Professional pipe maintenance can help prevent these problems if detected and repaired early. While some leaks are easy to locate and fix by yourself, many are harder to find and more complicated to repair. For the tough jobs, we recommend hiring a professional plumber like B. Johnston Plumbing Ltd to take care if the problem. Contact us for details.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair


A leak underneath your basement floor or concrete slab is challenging for most plumbers because the slab leaks are difficult to locate.


You may have a slab leak if you notice:

  • Wet flooring or Concrete

  • Mold on the floor or walls in the basement

  • Mildew Smell

  • Increases in Water Bills

  • Visible Damage

  • Running Water Noise


If you notice any of these signs, call B Johnston Plumbing and book an appointment today. Our licensed and local plumbers are the best at locating hidden leaks and repairing them without causing unnecessary destruction. We’re the plumbers near you that you want on the job, as we are only happy when you are!

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Brad was efficient in taking care of some drain issues, and made some highly beneficial layout changes. punctual, friendly and did good work.

Contact Us For Drain And Pipe Leak Repair

Contact B Johnston Plumbing when you need help with leaking pipes and drains in your home or business. We are always ready to come out and get your water systems back up and running in perfect condition.

Click below or just give us a call to come out to your location for a free estimate on your leaky pipe repairs. 

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