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Toilet Repair Or Replacement

When Your Toilet Needs A Fix,

Call Us, You'll Be Relieved You Did!

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Toilet Repair

When it comes to a non-functioning toilet, let’s just say a speedy toilet repair is something you are probably looking for.


Sometimes one of the parts inside the tank breaks, like the chain or the float, and when you try to flush, nothing happens.

Maybe the tank O Ring Seal is old and cracked causing water to leak. It could be the “Flapper” is stuck or broken and the toilet just never stops filling. Could be that the wax ring underneath is failing and you now have a leak.


Some of these plumbing problems you might tackle on your own, some you might want help with. At B. Johnston Plumbing Ltd, we got this covered. Give us a call and we will come right over and get you flushing in no time.

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Toilet Replacement

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There’s a lot of reasons why you might consider replacing your toilet. Perhaps your toilet is clogging often or it leaves some nastiness in the bowl when it flushes, maybe it’s leaking or making noises, or maybe you want to update your bathroom with a nice new toilet. Whatever the reason, replacing your toilet can be a hassle… But B Johnston Plumbing Ltd is here to help!

If you want to replace your toilet, you can call us or book online. If you want more information about toilets and toilet replacements, scroll down!

Toilet Repair Locations

Expert Toilet Repair Or Replacement  Services in Port CoquitlamCoquitlamPitt MeadowsMaple RidgeAnmorePort MoodyNew Westminster


Replacing Vs Repairing Your Toilet

Many plumbing service calls are related to malfunctioning toilets. Most of the time, it’s a simple repair. Maybe the toilet is leaking or has a tough clog. B Johnston Plumbing Ltd is always ready to repair or unblock your toilet.

But sometimes, depending on what is involved with the toilet repair, it’s most cost-efficient to simply replace the toilet. Here are some signs that it could be the right time to replace your toilet:

     It clogs frequently. If you find yourself keeping a plunger beside the toilet, and using it frequently, your toilet might not have the flushing power it needs. Many older toilets experience this problem.

     One flush isn’t enough to clear out the waste. When you flush your toilet only to have some debris return to the bowl, your toilet is struggling and failing to clear waste out.

     There’s damage. Porcelain can crack, chip, or scratch relatively easily. This damage might not be leaking now, but it’s not going to get better on its own. Over time, the damage can extend and cause you some serious trouble.

     Your toilet might be wasting a lot of water and your money along with it. Old toilets that leak will drain your wallet over time. New technology exists in toilets that amp up the flushing power while reducing water usage.

     Your toilet is constantly running. This is a common problem, and can often be fixed… but if it’s one of more problems, it might not be worth repairing. Keep an eye on your utility bills and pay attention to sudden rises in cost.


     The toilet wobbles when you sit. While this is usually fixed by tightening a couple of bolts, sometimes it’s caused by water damage to the floor under the toilet.


     Your toilet is uncomfortable. Toilets come in varying sizes and heights, and perhaps you want to upgrade your toilet to a more ergonomic design that fits you perfectly.

     Your toilet is ugly. It might seem like a silly reason to replace a toilet to some people, but your toilet is an important part of your bathroom and it’s something that your guests notice. There are some really beautiful toilets out there!

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Replace Your Toilet Yourself Or Hire A Plumber?

Replacing a toilet yourself is certainly doable. However, there are some unforeseen issues that arise from time to time.


When I replaced my toilet, I also had to replace the shutoff valve. That being said, you might be able to handle whatever issues come your way.

A good argument for you to use B Johnston Plumbing Ltd toilet replacement plumbing services would be to point out that toilets can be heavy, messy, awkward to maneuver around, and overall just a pain to deal with. But I’m an honest guy, so I’ll say that you can probably do it yourself as long as you don’t mind getting your hands dirty and risk throwing out your back.

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Why Hire Us To Replace Or Repair Your Toilet?

B Johnston Plumbing Ltd will make your toilet replacement or repair quick and simple. Our licensed plumbers will disconnect your toilet, remove your toilet from your home, install your new toilet, and clean and repair around the drain and floor as needed.

We’ll do the dirty work so that you don’t have to.


Furthermore, our dedication to your satisfaction is second to none. We won’t be late, we won’t waste your time, we won’t surprise you with costs that you didn’t agree to, and we’ll do the work properly to ensure the job is done right, the first time.


When you call B Johnston Plumbing, you can expect an expert and friendly plumber who will quickly and efficiently do the work you need, then we’ll be on our way so you can get back on with your day!


No more waiting around the clock for a late plumber who never shows. No more sketchy guys that add surprise costs that you didn’t agree to. And no more shoddy work.


Plus, we offer peace-of-mind benefits to our customers as well as plumbing inspections. We’re happy to take a look at your plumbing system to advise you on things you should consider doing in the future before you come home to a plumbing disaster.

When your toilet is not working,



Call Us, You'll Be Relieved You Did!

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Brad came to our apartment and was so prompt and friendly. He replaced our shower tap and toilet cistern as well as fix our kitchen tap. He took the time to show us how to clean the toilet bowl as well as fix our kitchen tap. We so appreciate the time you took to help us out. We are so relieved to have all our plumbing working properly. I highly recommend Brad and would gladly have him back to fix any other items.

Contact Us For Toilet Repair Or Replacement

When it is time to finally deal with your toilet issues, CALL US or click below to send us an email to book a time to get that toilet flushing properly fast and on budget!

Call Us, You'll Be Relieved You Did!

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